The Memory of a Warm Embrace - Sophistique Eau de Toilette Spray

a perfect gift for the big-hearted

An unexpected blend of sheer, precious lotus, basmati rice and golden amber wraps you in irresistible warmth, while orange blossom and ginger wood add a sophisticated femininity.
-mark. Sophistique Eau de Toilette Spray

I just recently discovered my new favorite scent (CLEAN Warm Cotton). To me, it smells like Snuggle fabric softener, a scent which takes me back to childhood. When I first smelled it, I realized that every other perfume I bought before that had only attracted me because of the interesting bottle. I should have been paying attention to the description of the scent; did it sound like something that would take me back in time to a moment I loved? It's true that when we smell something, the message is sent directly to our limbic system -- the emotional part of our brain. The key is to find a scent that takes you back to a great moment; that's the fragrance that will make you feel good. The combination of scents in the Sophistique Eau de Toilette Spray results in a warm, feminine fragrance; it just might be the fragrance that will unlock your memories of childhood. (I can hook you up with a sample.) This fragrance is only $24, and it comes with a free pair of Sophistique Hoop Earrings. It's a perfect fragrance gift because it's not overly priced, so you're paying for the pure scent -- and the nostalgia that comes with it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hi i was wondering if you can hook me up with a sample of this perfume. every since i saw it in seventeen i've been wanting to try it. my e-mail is mizzlove1120@gmail.com