Share Your Fave Songs with a Mix Tape USB Drive

a perfect gift for the original

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.          - Aldous Huxley

Add a mix -- of your favorite songs, of classic love songs, of your friends' favorite songs, whatever -- to this mix tape USB drive. It's a bit more expensive than your regular mix CD (about $20), but the idea behind this product is really cute; plus, it's reminiscent of an actual old school mix tape. It would be an easy, personal gift, and a great way to give something you love to someone you love. Download some free singles for your mix tape from Napptunes.com.

Perpetual Kid (Mix Tape USB Drive)



Anonymous said...

sweet :)

Anonymous said...

hey , it's Emma !!
this is really cool !!
I love you

Kat said...

oh, that's lovely!

Dave said...

I like the quote by Aldous Huxley very much! :-)