Be There

a perfect gift for now

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The holidays are approaching. December 1 is tomorrow. What gifts are you giving to those you care about? Gift cards? Cash? Socks? Why not be there? If you can't buy the plane ticket or take the road trip, at least be with them on the phone, a video chat, or email. Our time is only getting shorter. Carpe diem. Show your love. Enjoy the holiday season, and make sure that your loved ones enjoy it too.

Adopt a US Soldier

Spread the holiday spirit by 'adopting' a US soldier! Register to be assigned to a soldier (you can make some requests). Then you can communicate with him/her and send gifts, necessities, etc.

Another Great Way to Save Money While Holiday Shopping

Shop It To Me: Access to All Clothing Sales in One Place!

Shop It To Me finds sales on your favorite brands in your size! You can set price preferences, choose your favorite brands, select your size, and pick what kind of items you're interested in. Emails with your customized offers can be sent daily, weekly, or semi-weekly

Only 24 full days until Christmas!


Scentsy - Wickless Candles

a perfect gift for a time-traveler

Nothing is more memorable than a smell.
- Diane Ackerman

Scentsy provides deliciously scented wickless candles and beautifully decorated warmers, among other treats (car candles, travel tins, room sprays, etc.). The scented bars and bricks are melted with a lightbulb -- not a flame -- which avoids the dangers of fire (and the inhalation of chemicals). Enjoy one of Scentsy's 80+ fragrances in a gorgeous seasonal warmer. These are unique yet functional items that would make excellent gifts for the holiday season!



The Gift of Bionts

a perfect gift for a nurturer

Inside all of us is a wild thing. - Where the Wild Things Are

The Triops Deluxe Kit includes an aquarium, instructions, eggs, food, nutrients, a fossil replica, a thermometer, gravel, and a ruler. Triops, "Triassic dinosaur shrimp," will hatch within 24 hours and grow up to 2" long.

With the Grow Your Own Aloe Kit, you should have your very own aloe plant in less than a month. Aloe not only helps to heal several health problems; the aloe plant also keeps the air clean. Additionally, the plant only requires occasional watering.

ThinkGeek (Triops Deluxe Kit), ThinkGeek (Grow Your Own Aloe Kit)


Movie and Magazine Subscriptions

a perfect gift for cinephiles or magazine-philes

Cinema is an invention without a future. - Louis Lumière

With Netflix, you can set up a queue of movies that you're interested in renting; after you watch one movie, just return it to get the next one from your queue. DVD's take approximately 1 business day to arrive in the mail, and there is also a "watch instantly" option for some movies. Customize a gift subscription by choosing 1, 2, or 3 DVD's at a time for 1-12 months.

Maghound gift memberships, which start at $20, include a Maghound account for a custom selection of magazine subscriptions for a custom number of months. You can choose to have the gift emailed immediately, emailed on a specific date, or printed so that you can deliver it personally.

Maghound (Gift Subscription), Netflix (Gift Subcription)


Mind Control Gifts

a perfect gift for a science lover

May the Force be with you.
- Star Wars

These games use brainwave intensity to control a column of airflow underneath a ball. The higher the concentration, the more brainwave activity, and the higher the ball goes. Relaxing will decrease brainwave activity and thus lower the ball. With the Star Wars Force Trainer (right), the objective is to make the ball go up and down with your mind. The Mindflex game (left) is a little more complicated; there is also a lever which moves the column of airflow left and right. The objective here is to make the ball go through obstacles around a circle using the control of your mind and your hands. Yes, these gifts are primitive and expensive, but the technology is awesome!

Amazon (Star Wars Force Trainer), Amazon (Mindflex Game)


How to Earn/Save Extra Money for Holiday Gifts

Money -

Get Paid to Post Links
If you post links through Linkbucks, you get paid whenever someone clicks on them. You only need $5 to cash in. My boyfriend hasn't even been using it for a month and he already made $20! If you're interested, check it out here.

Get Paid to "Read" Emails
With InboxDollars, you can get paid to click on "Confirm Reading this Email" when they send you emails. You can also take surveys and shop online to get money. Cash in at $30.

Get Paid to Take Surveys
At SurveySpot, you can get paid via PayPal for taking surveys.

Prizes -

Redeem PTZ for Gifts
On Lockerz, all you have to do is log on and answer a daily question to get PTZ. When the prizes are restocked, PTZ can be redeemed for electronics, accessories, donations, etc. If you don't have an account yet, I can send you an invite via email.

Get Prizes for Playing Games
Get reward points for playing games, and redeem them for prizes. Check it out.

An Online Community with Rewards
At Gather, you can share pictures, posts, and videos to get points. Redeem points for gift cards.

Search & Win
Earn swagbucks by using the Swagbucks search engine or shopping online. Swagbucks can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards.


Save Money for College
Save money for college, loans, etc. when you shop online. If you don't want to make an account, you can use their coupons and deals as a guest.

Free Shipping & Coupons
Alice is a site where you can order all your family's needs from the convenience of your home, and shipping is free. Alice allows for budgeting, presents you with deals and coupons, and gives you free samples with every order. There's also a neighborhood section where you can create a profile, chat, and review products. Check it out!

iOffer, MakeupAlley, & Swapstyle
Swap What You Already Have
These are sites similar to eBay, but instead of only buying and selling, you can trade too. MakeupAlley has a lot of cosmetics, but I've also seen DVDs, candles, clothes, etc. iOffer has a layout similar to eBay, but it also has the added feature of "swapping." On Swapstyle, the purpose is to share your style by swapping clothes, accessories, etc.

Save Money on Handmade Goods
Etsy is a website where you can buy and sell handmade, vintage, or supply items. It's a great way to save money while getting cute products. Prices range from cheap to expensive; check out my etsy store to get handmade friendship bracelets ($1 each).

Take Advantage of Special Offers
The featured deal is the Limited Edition Mystery Box: only $30 via PayPal or check for a box full of goodies. And don't forget that Black Friday sales include saving 15%; get at least a $5 gift card to Amazon with any purchase between November 27 and November 29. Offers only valid through my mark. store.

If you have an idea, leave it as comment, and I'll add it :)


The Season of Giving - Secret Santa on Elfster

Thinking of doing a Secret Santa this year? Elfster can organize it all for you! With the help of Elfster, you can set up as many gift exchanges as you want and invite whomever you want. By taking advantage of the simple wishlist feature, each person can create his/her own wishlist. You can also suggest a wish to someone else or access the shop to find some ideas. In general, Elfster is very customizable; you can assign a party location, set a spending limit, choose a gift category, classify your group, name your exchange, give extra information, etc. After you set it up, Elfster will choose partners on a "draw date," and, if you'd like, you can also set limits for the drawing (e.g. A cannot draw B or C). It seems like a nice way to set up a Secret Santa, whether it's for family, friends, penpals, or a random group. Enjoy this holiday season; it's the season of giving :)