Movie and Magazine Subscriptions

a perfect gift for cinephiles or magazine-philes

Cinema is an invention without a future. - Louis Lumière

With Netflix, you can set up a queue of movies that you're interested in renting; after you watch one movie, just return it to get the next one from your queue. DVD's take approximately 1 business day to arrive in the mail, and there is also a "watch instantly" option for some movies. Customize a gift subscription by choosing 1, 2, or 3 DVD's at a time for 1-12 months.

Maghound gift memberships, which start at $20, include a Maghound account for a custom selection of magazine subscriptions for a custom number of months. You can choose to have the gift emailed immediately, emailed on a specific date, or printed so that you can deliver it personally.

Maghound (Gift Subscription), Netflix (Gift Subcription)

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too bad there's no netflix in fr