Scentsy - Acadia Mid-Size Warmer

As you may know, Scentsy offers wickless, flameless candles. To use the products, place your favorite scented bar (small) or brick (large) in a warmer (full-size, mid-size, or plug-in). There are also room sprays, car candles, travel tins, close-out items, replacement parts, and more! Oh, and you can get online shopping rewards!

The warmer above is called the Acadia, and since Acadia is my name, I had to post it :)

WowWee Alive Lion Cub

a perfect gift for an animal lover

You are a real boy. At least as real as I've ever made one.
- A.I.

A WowWee robotic toy would make a great gift for someone who can't have domesticated (or wild) animals in their house. The "alive" series can sense petting, meow, cry, and make facial expressions that are quite realistic.


Your Blue Fairy: Where Wishes Come True

At yourbluefairy.com, the Blue Fairy will grant wishes for you or your loved ones. Obviously, she can't grant all of your wishes, but she will try. To make a wish, either send an email to thebluefairy@angelic.com or leave a comment on the website. If you leave a comment, anyone is welcome to grant your wish.

Make a wish :)