Stay Fresh, Energized, and in Touch - mark. Sprays, Clif Bars, LEGO Walkie Talkies

a perfect gift for an adventurer

- Helen Keller

Life is what you make of it. Some people like to stay in one place for their whole lives, while others prefer to explore. For those who actually enjoy stepping outside of their comfort zones, life is an adventure; this set of gifts would be great for those adventure-seekers. When things get a little messy, they can stay fresh with a grapefruit/kiwi/lemongrass mist spray and a volumizing "next day" hair spray, and a healthy way to keep energized throughout their experiences is by snacking on delicious organic Clif bars. While exploring, they can also keep in touch with another person (within a 1 mile radius) with LEGO walkie talkies 

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